Why People Love Metabolic Aftershock…


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At 51, I’m 30 All Over Again ...*

I lost 35 lbs., 38 inches and went from a size 16 to a size 6. My friends say I look 30 all over again. I’m so much stronger and I have unlimited energy.

At 51, I have energy to spare and I can play forever with my granddaughters without getting tired. This program worked wonders for me and I FEEL so much healthier. Here is a picture of me in my wedding dress – I just tried it on and it fits! It’s been 25 YEARS since I could wear that dress!

April Stevens, Stromsburg, NE

I’m 66 years old, and I look 20 years younger ...*

Without a doubt, this is the best program I’ve ever done. I’m down 33 lbs. and I feel fantastic. My knees and hips used to bother me a lot, and surprisingly, the pain has almost disappeared. My energy levels have increased, and my strength has substantially improved. In the beginning I could barely perform 10 pushups on my knees, and now I can bust out 50-60 REAL pushups with excellent form. How many 66 year-old men can do that? I can.

Jeff Jones, Philadelphia, PA

As a busy doctor, only 15 minutes 3x a week has completely changed my body*

Dr. Jade’s program was the ONLY solution that helped me tone up, shrink hanging skin, and fix my hormones. Losing 100lbs… I totally changed my body and I keep dropping. This program worked for me. I LOVE It. I look and feel amazing.

Kristen McElveen ND, Sunnyside, NY

At 52 years old I can see the beginning of my abs*

As a school teacher I don’t have time for the gym. However, I can do 15 minutes, 3 times a week. In the first 9-weeks I’ve already lost 16 lbs. and 20 inches.

Kimberly Scibak, St. Paul, MN

Love the Way I’m Looking*

Wow! I went from a size 34 with my gut hanging down to a size 31. I haven’t worn a 31 since my high school graduation in 1977. I love the way I look.

Anthony Agee, Rosedale, MD

Talk about Prime... My Tummy Never Looked Sexier...*

Who thought losing 42 lbs. could be this fun? I LOVE these micro-bursts. When I started, I had ZERO energy and a lot of weight to lose. At 51, I went from a size 13 to a size 5. I can’t remember the last time I wore jeans this small! Jade’s program is fantastic.

Kristin Poswilko, Parker, CO

This Busy Mom Lost 66 lbs.*

I’m consistently shrinking… So far I’ve lost a total of 66 lbs. and 43 inches around my entire body. I absolutely LOVE Jade. His programs WORK!

Holly Campbell, Rosemount, MN

I did it! I lost 107 lbs.*

It took me 9 months and a few rounds of Jade’s program, but 107.5 lbs. are gone. I have more energy, I have muscle, and I have more confidence. I LOVE this program!

Susan Hoke, Warren, OH

I have more endurance now to do the things I love*

What a gift this program is… After suffering from insomnia for years, I’m THRILLED to say I sleep better, I have energy to spare, my cravings disappeared and my mood has improved – I’m less grouchy. I am an active person and now I have so much more endurance to do the things I love such as hiking, skiing, paddle boarding and yoga – I absolutely love it. Thank you, Jade!!!

Nicole Tuttle, Nibley, UT

I went to a local gym for 3 years/6 days a week and GAINED weight...*

Before I started this program I was strenuously exercising 6 days per week and gaining weight. 15 minutes, 3x a week and I lost the 15 pounds I gained at the gym. I love it!!

Bonnie Durham, Kennewick, WA

My energy levels at age 76 are OMG!*

This program made my upper body so strong. I’m on my 3rd round, and I keep getting stronger and stronger. I can’t believe how much energy I have! After just 15 minutes I feel upbeat, energetic and alive. All my 40-something friends say they want to be me when they grow up.

Brenda McNenny, Johnson City, TN

My energy is amazing!*

I went to the gym 5 days a week so I had a hard time believing a 15-minute workout would do the trick… But it DID. When I was at the gym, I couldn’t lose the gut… But this program did it. My mid-section is shrinking and my clothes are loose. My energy is amazing. I used to go home and fall asleep. Now I’ve got energy all through the day and night. I’m sold. This really worked for me.

John Elze, Forney, TX

I can do it anywhere*

I work from 5 am to 10 pm most days due to having 2 businesses to run. I love the high intensity workout for 15 minutes. I also live on the road and I can do it anywhere!

Joyce Pellegrini, Largo, FL

This program is giving me so much more*

As a long time exerciser, I have done a LOT of programs, but I was having to workout longer and harder for the same results. Thankfully, with Jade’s program I am getting a lot more… without nagging injuries and joint & muscle pain.

Deanne Mulvehill, Rapid City, SD

So much more energy!*

I cannot believe the energy increase. I haven’t slept this well since before I had kids.”

Bond Ruggles, New Orleans, LA

More time, more results*

I have more time for life. I watch people waste so much time at the gym with poor results. Who doesn’t have 15 minutes a day or just 45 minutes a week? You start and then it is over, it is the first work out that I have looked forward to doing EVER! And you can tell by just looking at me.

Michelle Sweet, Lake Isabella, CA

Rested & Refreshed*

I have more energy and feel lighter on my feet, ready to go out and do things. Losing weight is great, but having more energy, sleeping better and waking up more rested and refreshed is amazing.

Dean Springer, Richfield, MN

I owe you my new life!*

After the big snow storm in New Jersey I shoveled 100 feet of sidewalk in the morning and again at night… and it was a breeze and I am 51 years old. Thank you! I owe you my new life!

Arnaldo Castillo, Paramus, NJ

Intense and powerful...I am energized*

This 15-minute workout is intense! It’s powerful, and I feel energized all day! My sleep is improved and my back pain has decreased. Thanks, Dr. Jade!!!

Sunny Giesbrecht, Canada

LOVE this program*

After the 1st week I lost 6 lbs. They are only 15 minutes, but these workouts kick your butt. I’m already developing badass leg muscles, plus I FEEL BETTER. I love this program.

Faith Mcrory, Alameda, CA

Looking and feeling younger*

At age 64, I look and feel younger than I have in years. I’ve even had people ask me if I’m my husband’s daughter, and he’s only 6 years older than me. I love that! I’ve lost 46 lbs and over 26 inches since July.

Susie Dueringer, Gibson City, IL

Toned my whole body*

Toned arms, legs, belly and butt… I have so much more confidence in myself. Can’t wait to wear a bikini on the beach and I’m 52 years old! It doesn’t get any better than this! Only 15 minutes 3x a week.

Lisa Dandegian, Yardley, PA

No more love handles!*

Lost my love handles which I’ve had forever. Now I am very tight. AND… if you put a sack over my head, you would not know I am 65!

Morris Rogers, Winchester, TN

Quick changes and kicked my bad habits*

My husband noticed the change in my body after just 2 weeks. I love this! It’s quick and easy, and I’ve kicked my sugar habit with no cravings.

Lisa Reid, Trenton, MO

Big changes*

I’ve never been able to do this many push-ups… Amazing!

Anissa Gaskin, Jackson, MI

Lost flab and didn't burn out*

I lost flab so easily and I didn’t burn-out, crave sweets, or get a headache like I usually get after a gym class. Before Jade, I thought I was destined to continually gain weight and feel exhausted. Not anymore. Thanks, Dr. Jade!

Nikki Stringer, Australia

Energy & Clarity*

I love the energy and the mental clarity I get after the workouts. It’s almost as good as when I meditate.

Katie Ryan, Pebble Beach, CA

FAR better results*

People that know me noticed a change within 3 short weeks. I am healthier, I look really fit, and I even quit my gym membership because Dr Jade gave me FAR better results. I look and feel better than I did in my thirties and I am 51. It’s a miracle.

Janet Williams, South Euclid, OH

Energy levels are OMG*

15 lbs. gone, energy levels are OMG and no more afternoon naps… energy abounds. Easy, works… and tones you up. Love it.

Bert Eickhoff, Nokomis, IL

Makes sense & works*

The science is solid… it makes sense and it works. The proof is… I am leaner and stronger than ever.

Deanne Mulvehill, Rapid City, SD

A great and motivating workout!*

I was having a hard time carrying my son and keeping up with him, but after this program my strength and energy has shot through the roof. Love this!!! This is a great workout. Having an 18-month old makes it hard to find the time to workout, but only 15 minutes 3x a week, makes it easy. Dr Jade is very motivating. I highly recommend it.

Jennifer O’Brien, Canada

*Results vary based on age, gender and weight. Expected weight loss is 1.5 - 2.5 lbs. per week.